Clara and Jordan
Mon Amérique à moi...
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Our Story

Clara's Perspective  ----  Jordan's Perspective

Clara - How We Met

I think we met a couple of days earlier, but didn't talk. Anyway, my first memory of Jordan is of him walking through the door at Megan’s parents’ house in Orlando on Christmas day. My first thought was –
Oh dear. It’s the All-American boy

And so he was, and is. We got into a conversation, and got along very well. I was impressed that he had an alternate history game and could tell jokes in Spanish. Later that night, after everyone had left, Carol, Megan’s mum, made some comment about us. I forget what it was exactly, but it amounted to a sort of "nudge, nudge, wink, wink," which I didn’t understand at all at the time.

We met again some days later, New Year’s Eve 2002, at Andy and Danny’s party. Jordan was wearing a planet tie, and always appreciative of a good tie, I complimented him on it. By midnight we were deep in conversation, and as whatever happens in the US when the new year begins happened, I stood there wondering what the American New Year’s kissing etiquette was.

We never did kiss, just somewhat stiffly congratulated each other.

After that we kind of drifted apart as the party progressed. An hour or so later I was sitting on the sofa, watching the worst movie in human history – xXx. I was bored to tears, tired, and feeling a bit deserted as the people I knew best were nowhere to be seen. I realised I was sitting next to that nice boy Jordan, and we started talking yet again, on the rather dubious subject of eligible bachelors.

Some time later we are sitting on the floor in Danny’s room, chatting with Danny, and Megan and Bobby when they wandered in some time later. At this point the party got to be a very fun party, at which I ended up armwrestling all the men present (and losing), and hitting Jordan with my handbag.