Clara and Jordan
Mon Amérique à moi...
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Moosadillos (Moose and Armadillos)

Clara likes armadillos. She thinks they are the cutest animals in the universe. Jordan likes moose just as much as Clara likes armadillos. Now that they've fallen in love and want to share their lives together, it's only fitting that their web site contain lots of pictures of, erm, moosadillos.

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Moose Armadillos
Moose in China Cute wooden armadillo
Jordan's moose likes to travel almost as much as Jordan does. Here they are at the Great Wall of China. Clara thought this wooden armadillo was so cute that she carried it in her coat pocket when she moved from Hungary to Belgium.
Moose in China Cute wooden armadillo
Meet Zeus, Clara's only moose. Zeus, like Jordan's Little Chocolate Moose, is a well-travelled moose, and he has gotten Clara past many a suspicious immigration officer. This is Sam, an orphaned armadillo Clara adopted in Houston. He enjoys skiing and gardening.
Cute wooden armadillo Cute wooden armadillo
Jordan's Wall of Moose which, like the universe, is unlikely to stop expanding anytime soon. This is the Star Trek armadillo, an unlikely souvenir from a visit to a Star Trek convention. We haven't agreed on a proper name yet, but Clara thinks Spock would suit him. He has a logical look about him.
Cute wooden armadillo
Here's Sherlock, a Moose of Standing and Intellect, and also one of the bigger moose in the collection. In spite of his name, he is also a very cuddly moose.


More moosadillo photos coming soon!