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We are, for the moment, out of events. Below is some of the information about past events.

Thank you all so much for being there for our wedding! We have put some of the photos and programme information up on this site.

Religious Wedding

Important note for our out of town guests: we have made a page with information on how to get to the venue, hotels and car rentals.

Our religious wedding will take place in Florida on February 23rd 2007.

The church service at St Luke's will start at 3.30 pm, followed by a reception at the IW Philips House at 5 pm. For more details see our homepage, which we will keep up to date whenever possible; for directions, check out the information page.

Civil Wedding

Because we had to marry according to immigration regulation, ie within 9Party photo0 days, we opted to keep the civil ceremony private and simple. The two of us went to Annapolis on June 15th, and were married at the courthouse there. We had a short trip to West Virginia that weekend and we will go to Hawaii in late September to really celebrate the start of our lives together.

Our Engagement Party
The party is over, but this was it -

29 April 2006, starting at 5 PM
Zwarteindestraat 66
3850 Nieuwerkerken
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Places to stay once you're there

We know that many of our European friends and family will not be able to make the trip to the U.S. for the wedding, so we want to have a celebration in Belgium.

Perhaps our alter egos will be making an appearance as well.