Clara and Jordan
Mon Amérique à moi...
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Our Story

Clara's Perspective  ----  Jordan's Perspective

Clara - The trip

Again, I will skip ahead through a month of insecurity and visiting Cornwall with Lily to the moment when the plane touches down in Baltimore. I go through customs and immigration, and for the first and only time that is not the thing I am most nervous about. When I walk out into the arrivals area, Jordan is nowhere to be seen. I sit down, and start reading Douglas Coupland’s All Families Are Psychotic. I like Coupland, but nonetheless had a hard time focusing.

About ten minutes after sitting down I look up to see a nervous boy in shorts standing in front of me. That first evening will always be one of the strangest. We were, I think, both worried about what would or wouldn’t happen. Like so often, though, things worked themselves out with some help from, in my case, of two glasses of wine (well, one wouldn’t want to overdo it), and generally, of our emotions overtaking overanalysing brains.

We spent the next days on a roadtrip along Chesapeake Bay, surprised at how easy it was to be together, and how terribly like silly teenagers we were acting.


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