Clara and Jordan
Mon Amérique à moi...
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Our Story

Clara's Perspective  ----  Jordan's Perspective

Clara - The Next Day

Next thing I know it’s the next morning, Jordan has long since left (around 3 am, and no, nothing happened). We eventually head back to Megan’s parents’ house. Later that day, Megan and I are having a girl talk when Megan asks for Bobby’s phone – Bobby who had previously been banished from the room. He offers it, with Jordan’s number lit up.

There is a moment of silence.

I discover that I have Jordan’s email address tucked into my wallet and as I fly home a day later I realise, with my usual emotional slowness, that there is much more going on than a friendly chat with this boy. It is hard to explain – but right from the start I felt comfortable with him, liked him tremendously and wanted to steal his tie.

When I get home there is already an email in my inbox – it’s hard to explain how pleased I was about that. I email back – and there it ends for a long time.

It would be much longer before I understood why I only heard back months later. Had I imagined these things, imagined that we got along well? Why couldn’t we be friends?


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