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Mon Amérique à moi...
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We recommend this hotel in St. Truiden, Belgium, one town over from Clara's mother's house. The reservations staff at the hotel should speak English. To ask if they do, ask "Spreekt u Engels?" (SPRAYKT oo EN-gulls).

Hotel Cicindira
Abdijstraat 6
3800 Sint-Truiden
Phone: 32 11 68 13 44 (note on International dialing)
Hotel Cicindria web site (home page in Dutch, but click the "English" link at the top of the page)

Note: From the U.S., dial 011 to make an international call, then dial the number as written. From the U.K., dial 00, then dial the number as written. International phone rates can be quite expensive. If you plan on calling abroad often, we recommend getting a phone card. You can get very good rates online at We also recommend Skype, a free program that lets you talk through your computer for 2.1 cents (1.2p) per minute. All it requires is a broadband Internet connection.